“Gods Great Plan”

In order for us to heal we must bring things to the light. Sometimes when we are hurting we bury the hurt in the crevice between body and soul. We must learn to bring this hurt out into the light for inner healing, whether we journal or share with others in conversation, somehow the written word lasts much longer so that we can reflect more easily on what has been said. As we share with other souls in need we bring great comfort to their needs and our needs. God is so good in His great plan for us, He reaches into our pain that we might be comforted and bring comfort for the light that covers us is His love. In His love we will be healed. Through our pains God has a great plan for all of us and a greater good will follow. You can see this great plan when Christ was crucified the resurrection followed and the Catholic (Universal Christian) Church was born. Our resurrection will come! As we continue to heal, life will unfold, and you will be a new creation!!! Trust in His plan for you it is all good.
We would also like to welcome “Tucked Beneath His Wings” to the family of Hannah’s Tears, please check out her beautiful blog site of hope and faith. The title gives such a beautiful visual meditation already as we are tucked beneath his wings God is very close to us. Reach for Him in your suffering he is there and He has many gifts in abundance that He is creating anew in you. Continue to “Thank Him, Love Him and Praise Him”, give glory to God through it all.
Another site for you to review, especially good for Lenten reflections
Love you,
Hannah’s Tears
* I do not know how to attach links to this post, so I wanted to share the post from All You Who Hope. She will lift your heart as she continues her journey towards Christ and His glorious plan for her life. Please go to “Her faith increased each time I said no” .

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