Blessed Andre Bessette, pray for us.

Blessed Andre has to be one of my favorite holy souls that ever lived. He came into this world fighting for his life and continued as he served Our Lord in faith as a simple servant. He is probably one of my favorite blessed souls because of the way he loved St. Joseph and most especially serving those who needed to be comforted. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. May Blessed Andre and St. Joseph bring you the comfort and peace that you need today through their prayers and ours.

Please find the link where you may order St. Joseph’s oil from the St. Joseph’s Oratory in Canada.

May this week of Epiphany fill you with His love!

Saint Joseph’s Oil: A Tradition for Today

The use of olive oil is an ancient tradition. It is employed in religious rites and is used as a sacramental to anoint. Brother Andre often suggested to the sick who came in search of relief that they rub a bit of oil on the part of their body that was hurting, while invoking Saint Joseph for assistance. He made it clear that the oil itself had no miraculous curative powers, and that only God had the power to heal. He emphasized that prayer combined with this gesture symbolizing the strength of one’s belief were ways of expressing one’s inner faith in God’s power.

Prayer for the canonization of Brother André

Lord, you have chosen Blessed Brother Andre to spread devotion to Saint Joseph and to dedicate himself to all those who are afflicted. Grant through his intercession the favour that we now request…

We also pray that the Church may canonize him as soon as possible. Grant us the grace to imitate his piety and charity so that, with him, we may share the reward promised to all who care for their neighbours out of love for You. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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