A Christmas Gift

A beautiful note received from the Poor Clare Colettine Nuns.

Dear little Hearts,

Psalm 51
Wash away my sins Lord
My guilt doth wear me down
Purify my heart.

How we all crave forgiveness as we cannot live with the burden of guilt. Christmas is very nearly here now the season for gift giving. Surely a gift of the heart is far more potent than a gift of the purse. Joy at receiving a wrapped gift can be shortlived but a gift straight from the heart can remain with the recipient a lifetime. One of the most valuable gifts one can give is the gift of forgiveness. How we long for forgiveness from our God for our wrong doings but what of those who are waiting for forgiveness from us.

Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

Carrying resentment for our fellow man in our hearts is as huge a burden as guilt itself. So, dear hearts, let us pray this morning that those of us who are carrying resentment may find it in their hearts to give as a gift this Christmas forgiveness. It will make the person we have forgiven very happy and also make ourselves immensely happy and give us peace of heart and what a wonderful Christmas gift for Jesus.

Marguerite Clare

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