The Gift of Life

Here’s a note I would like to share with all of you from my our friend Barbara Curtis. Thanks Barbara for this beautiful note of life!

Dear Friends:

(I’ve been sending this out in small bursts because my email list is large and because Tripp’s recovery from his knee replacement and subsequent infection has been so complex and demanding. You may have already seen it. And I’m not sending it to toot my horn but because I was so amazed at the main theme the reporter pursued – that babies with Down syndrome don’t have to be aborted)

This article – with the picture of the Curtis and Li families saying grace at dinner – appeared on the front page of the early edition of the Washington Post on November 9, and on the front page of the Metro Section in subsequent editions.

The first interview for this was done October 7, the day before Tripp went back to the hospital the first time. The second was done the next day, when Justin’s birth parents arrived from Taiwan to visit and the photos were taken.

I thank God that perhaps some baby with Down syndrome might be saved to live a full life and to increase the fullness of all the surrounding lives. That’s the beauty of God’s work – I don’t even know how or when it happens. I just know it will.


Barbara Curtis

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