Meditation from the Poor Clare Colettine Nuns ~ October 23

Mirror of Justice, Pray for us.

Speculum justitiae, ora pro nobis. Mary truly is the mirror of God, this is a most beautiful image and reality, that Mary reflects to the world, to her children the very attributes of God, she mirrors Christ and all things in him. All virtues and all goodness are reflected in the mirror that Mary is. The mirror image was so loved by the medieval mystics and it is well worth exploring and contemplating, indeed our Holy Mother Clare invites us to do so, she sees Christ as the mirror of eternity and all good and exhorts us to look into this mirror daily. Mary is a mirror of love, a mirror of mercy, a mirror of compassion , a mirror of justice and every good. How blessed we are are to be loved by her. She is NOT God, she is a reflection a mirror of the Divine Goodness…… this is so beautiful, and we have to realise that this too for us is our vocation to be mirrors of Christ and of Mary, in other words that others should see in us something of their goodness and truth, because it is by and large through mankind that man finds God. Through the witness and confession of others. Gaze upon Mary, look into the mirror of her face, choose your favourite picture and look deep within in that picture, that mirror, because all great works of art were created through the action of the Holy Spirit and you can read the picture with your heart.

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