Saint Luke ~ Physician and Artist

St. Luke the Apostle, was a doctor and painter. Let us ask him for his intercession for those in need of spiritual, and physical healing, as well as for our Catholic doctors and nurses.

The other day a Catholic doctor from my parish shared with me that she never begins a procedure without saying a “Hail Mary”. She also shared with me that she shared this with another Catholic doctor that she works with. As she feels that her procedures never fail when she gives her all to Mary.

Let us also remind our Catholic doctors and nurses, that they are also called to have faith within their vocation of healing. They need our support and prayers as well as we need them for physical healing. Nothing can be accomplished without out GREAT FAITH, this is what St. Luke teaches us, as he also had in his ministry, a great faith in the one true God and a love for Mary the mother of Christ.

St. Luke was also the artist who painted Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Let us all run to Mary, who is our perpetual helper and handmaid. She who is our Mother!

Below are some prayer groups that the Catholic medical field has put together, as well as Saint Gianna, who was a Catholic doctor, wife and mother, who died after giving birth to her daughter.

Prayers and Support for the Roman Catholic Medical Field

St. Luke, pray for us, who need great faith in these times of struggle and healing in a time of pain and sorrow. Amen.

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