“Adopt an Unwanted Child or Baby”

Pray for Life!!!! Let us continue our 40 days of reflection on life, and give thanks to God for life in all its forms. Oh how very, very beautiful it is for those unable to conceive a child to adopt an unwanted child or baby ..this too is a gift of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit places a desire in the hearts of the would be parents to nurture, protect and bring forth life.

In every situation in life there are advantages and disadvantages, but one of the great blessings for a child of adoption is the realization how much, how very much it is wanted, and loving desire is beautiful it is also a prayer. How many children know joy, have the blessings of parenthood through adoption?

Countless and indeed in some families even more than one child. These parents are not one breath less true parents than its biological parents, indeed parenting is far more than simply producing children, it is born of love and service, bonding and the sharing of joy and tears.All parenthood should speak to us of God, and adoption has much to say because we are all adopted children of our heavenly Father, wanted and loved.The most profound and beautiful lesson any child can ever learn is that it is loved, because this enables the child to love and respond in turn.

An adopted child will have its struggles, it will have its challenges especially when it has to cope with former rejection, but to know that it was so wanted, prayed for, suffered for, longed for will give the child ultimately a deep security, for none of us can exist without love.

So let us pray for all families nurturing life with a new child in their midst, for all those who are contemplating adoption, and give thanks for them all, they too are great apostles for life !!!

Lovingly from our,

Poor Clare Colettine Nuns

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