“Fruitfulness is Given by God”

We all need prayers, we all need grace that our lives may be fruitful, fecund. There are many ways to be barren, to be infertile and not all pertain to the biological factors.

Fruitfulness is given by God, it is the abundance of love, a person may be without biological children and yet be very beautifully fruitful by their love , service and self sacrifice to others. We see this often with women in the single unmarried state who care for the children of others, who care for other human beings, this is their parenthood, the fruitfulness of service. We see this in the lives of those in the consecrated life, Gods intent is that they be true ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ to the souls entrusted to them.

Unforgiveness, selfishness, greed, hatred all render a person infertile and barren for they fail to pass on the good that would give life to others.

In or out of marriage, single or consecrated Gods intent is that our lives are fruitful.
The barrenness of infertility is a cause of a deep wound and pain in so many married couples, and that too is a path of trust, trust that God will in fact in some way make their union fruitful for others, often the faith of a praying soul is rewarded in Gods time with a child, possibly also by the means of adoption or fostering. But if it is not God has seen their hearts he has heard their cries and will if they are open to the transmission of life, his life, will make their lives fruitful in another way.
Let us pray deeply for the gift of life in all its manifestations both biological and spiritual, because he wants us to have his life in abundance.

*Note from our Poor Clare Colentine Sisters

May these words lift our hearts to the Lord today!!! If you would like to visit the sisters please go to their direct web site located under the Hannah’s Tears Intercessors on the right hand side of this blog page.

Blessings in Jesus and Mary.

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