Feast of the Archangels

The Three Archangels with Tobias
Francesco Botticinic 1470
Cappani altar in Santo Spirito, Florence
A Blessed and happy Feast of the Archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael !!! Let us invoke the protection of these three great angels to preserve life and to make the Campaign for Life fruitful and according to HIS WILL. All their names carry LIFE !!! Michael meaning ‘ Who is like unto God ?’ ( who is the source and existence of all life ) Gabriel meaning ‘ the power of God ‘ and His power is HIS LOVE and VERY LIFE AND BEING! Raphael meaning ‘ the HEALING of God, and all healing contains and is LIFE!!! So let us pray to them today. Our prayer and fasting is needed, it is not only a case of taking a stance for life, for protest, but to use to the full all the spiritual weapons and aid that we have, the Word of God, Our Office, Our Rosary, Our acts of love and mercy!!! Holy Mass……..And when we are involved in any or all of these things the angels are present!! Happy Feast Day!!

~Thank you sisters for your email on this glorious feast day~

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