NaPro Center to open in NYC in 2009

Please welcome our new guest author “All You Who Hope“, to the Apostolate of Hannah’s Tears. Please continue to pray for our Catholic doctors, nurses, and those in the field of fertility health, as the Lord is opening many new doors to bless women in their health needs.

Thank you again to my dear friend at “All You Who Hope”!

Guest Author: All You Who Hope
Napro Center Announcement

New York City is getting a NaPro center! The JPII Center for Women will open an authentically Catholic, comprehensive women’s healthcare center in Manhattan in July 2009. The center will offer many services for women, including NaProTechnology. The project is still in the early stages, but you can follow the progress on their blog.

With more than 1.5 million people in Manhattan, it is hard to believe that this will be its first NaPro center. It is even more surprising considering the large Catholic population in the city (there are about 2.5 million Catholics in the Archdiocese of New York).

The center is the dream of a Carmelite mother of seven, who lives in Upstate New York with her family, and a young doctor from Pennsylvania. The two women, with the help of generous anonymous donors, are teaming up to make their dream a reality and help countless women along the way.

Here’s an excerpt from their blog:

Our goal is to create a uniquely woman-centered “medical home” for women living in Manhattan and surrounding areas, a place where women can come for all of their healthcare needs — both general and reproductive — a place where they will receive excellent medical care in an environment that supports and affirms their dignity as women.

We hope to be a “home” where women can feel comfortable, knowing that their medical care is completely in line with their Catholic values (practicing according to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Healthcare) and where their unique needs and challenges as wives, mothers, daughters, religious or single lay women are considered and addressed as part of their comprehensive medical care.

How exciting! What an awesome opportunity for NaProTechnology to be made visible to such a wide audience. NaPro is not just some alternative for those of us who happen to be Catholic; it is a medically-sound, proven and often more successful alternative to assisted reproductive technologies, not to mention it focuses on diagnosing and treating the disease rather than just applying a band-aid. As the doctor behind this project told me, it will only be a matter of time before NaPro sweeps the nation!

Please keep this center in your prayers, those involved would truly appreciate it. Perhaps you could pray especially to St. Gianna, since the center will be named for her (the “JPII Center for Women” is the name it is incorporated under, but Gianna will be the name of the actual center. Actually, John Paul II is probably another great one to pray to for this as well! What wonderful helpers the center will have in heaven!).

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