Sant Rafca (Rebecca) ~ September 1 ~ Little Flower of Lebanon

Like Therese of Lisieux, Rafca, “The Little Flower of Lebanon,” the “Purple Rose,” the “Silent and Humble Nun”, had to tell her life story to her Mother Superior some months before her death. Obedience to this request is the reason why today we are able to know something about this woman who sought for nothing else but to be forgotten by men and live only for God. However, the perfume of this violet immediately spread after her death and has attracted the attention of the ecclesiastical authorities.
Novena to St. Rafca go to:
We ask You, Saint Rafqa, to spread real joy in our world which is suffering; to comfort sad people and make them happy and caring; to teach us to pray with faith in Jesus Christ and to live our life peacefully. Medicine was incapable of curing you, so You cured sick people by supporting pain and sharing with Jesus Christ the Mystery of Redemption. We ask You to wipe off the tears; to cure sick people; to fill people’s hearts with joy and love; to make us follow Your steps and virtues in order to glorify, with You the Virgin Mary, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit forever. Amen.
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5 thoughts on “Sant Rafca (Rebecca) ~ September 1 ~ Little Flower of Lebanon

  1. I was in a rehad about two days ago I have been clean for sixty days now. I walked off the campus and into a parking lot where i saw this beautiful woman in a purple car in the middle of an empty parking lot. I called out to her and asked her if I could use her phone and she said yes. I told her thank you that I would only be on the phone long enough to talk to my mother that I would not take very long, she told me "take all the time I needed" in a really sweet calm voice. I walked over to her where she stood in her car with a purple shirt and told her thank you. As I started to walk away she grabbed my arm and said what is your name. I told her and she said,"I will bethinking about you and I will prayfor you" as I looked into her eyes I could feel this calm and sweetness of good overflowing.I later came to this website and found that there was a saint that looked just like this woman and she is called the purple rose. My mother gave me the idea because she said that she had been praying to all of the angels and saints to halep me. Oh I almost forgot, the reason I looked here was because she told me her name was rebecca and one more thing My sorbrity date was on September 1st. What a way to intercede thank you saint rebecca.


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