Govenor Sarah Palin Witness of Hope

Govenor Sarah Palin is a witness of hope in an age where abortion is readily available to those who are suffering with difficult pregnancy. What an inspiration to the faithful, as we fight for and pray for life! Here’s an article that was published by the National Catholic Register called “2 Ways of Seeing Babies”.

Let us keep this election in our prayers and lift our suffering to the Lord as He makes use of them all. Remember nothing is waisted!

As Mrs. Palin struggled with a difficult pregnancy, many families in this life do. Please check out Leticia Velasquez’s blog site, she is also a mom of a down syndrome child and has much wisdom and support on her site (she is also a part of the Extraordinary Mom’s Network )…. Cause of Our Joy Blog Site . Another article from a Catholic blog friend…

Below are some of the sites for special needs children that Leticia has found helpful:

The Arc
Living with Trisomy 13
My Child, My Gift
Mommy Monsters Inc.
Patricia E. Bauer
Praying for . . Stephen’s Miracle

If you are struggling with a difficult pregnancy, please find the Be Not Afraid site on the right hand side of this blog. There are many resources available for your needs.

God Bless~

*Added 9/12/08


By Raymond Arroyo

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