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Guest writer Kambra Malone has a few words to share about “Back In His Arms Again Ministry”

Dear Friends of Hannah’s Tears,

I am writing you today to tell you of a ministry that my husband and I along with Fr. H. Blubaugh began in 2005. It is called “Back In His Arms Again”. We felt called to begin this ministry after the loss of our son, Gabriel Francis. Since May 2005 we have been approved and distributed throughout the Columbus diocese. Not only do we help families in need during the loss of their baby, we also have made presentations at many area churches, hospitals, the National convention of “Newborns In Need” and most recently recorded a program with Fr. Frank Pavone which aired on June 1, 2008, “Gospel of Life” program. In addition we have recorded two radio programs with our local Catholic station, St. Gabriel Radio, “Yes Lord!” program.

One of our most recent projects is establishing a “Garden of Holy Innocents” at each of the four Catholic cemetery’s in Columbus Ohio. This would provide a place of healing and prayer for families that experience the loss of a baby. We anticipate the completion of these burial “Gardens” in the next year.

We receive 50-100 emails and phone calls per month from around the USA, and we have received several international phone calls. Our ministry provides anything from burial layettes, caskets, funeral home support, hospital transportation, etc… the whole idea is to bring together resources from our community and beyond to help families give their babies a respectful and dignified burial. It is evident from our rapid growth in the past three years, that we need to help families through the Catholic faith to find healing and peace.

Fr. Frank Pavone, will soon be helping us to grow even further on a National level. We are looking forward to expanding so we may help as many families as possible.

Please find our web address below to learn more about our ministry to honor precious little lives.


In Christ and for LIFE,

Kambra Malone

Director ~ Back In His Arms Again


Please find a list of prayers under the title (scroll down on the right side of the blog page) Loss of a Child: Miscarriage, Still Birth…

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