Bl. Edmund Bojanowski

The Lord is so good!

I was in search of the Saint of the day and found that Bl. Edmund is also chosen for August 7. His story is so beautiful, his life a gift to Our Lord… His love for Our Lady was heroic as he was given a gift of serving others.

“Bl. Edmund Bojanowski loved God and loved man. He was a man of prayer. His love for people, demonstrated by heroic deeds, was born of deep union with God through prayer. He drew from it the strength to serve man. That love grew in him on his knees and later bore fruit. Through prayer his whole life became a ceaseless service to the needy, especially children. For him, God’s affairs were also human affairs, and love of God was love of man.”

Pope John Paul II

Thank God humbly for the grace of His holy inspiration. May the holy fire of God’s love glow more brightly and ardently in your heart so that neither difficulties nor anything in the world would lessen the zeal in your heart in this spiritual endeavor.” Encouragement of Blessed Edmund

A member of a wealthy, landed, Polish noble family. He studied literature at universities in Breslau and Berlin. Contracted tuberculosis in his 20s. He dedicated his life to the service of abandoned children, the sick, and poor, teaching and spending his fortune in the service of the needy. He founded reading rooms and libraries to provide books and learning to the poor, and started the first daycare centers in the country. He funded assistance for the sick, supported orphanages, and worked in both himself. Founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Immaculate Virgin Mary whose 4,500 sisters continue the work around the world. Two years before his death Edmund entered the seminary, but did not survive long enough to graduate or be ordained.

If you would like to read up on the history of Bl. Edmund Bojanowski go to the link below.

PRAYER in petition for graces through the intercession of

Blessed Edmund Bojanowski

Founder of the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

God, Heavenly Father, giver and source of all goodness, I implore You through the intercession of Blessed Edmund, Who loved You with all his heart, placed boundless trust in You and refused You nothing in his life, to grant me the graces… Confident of the intercession of the Immaculate Servant of the Lord, I beseech You, that Your Servant Edmund, guardian of children, the poor and the sick, becomes for the People of God a saintly intercessor in all their needs. Amen
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory…

For graces received through the intercession of Blessed Edmund Bojanowski please inform:

The Little Servant Sisters ~ 1000 Cropwell Road~ Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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