Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us.

We invite you to reflect on Our Lady of Tenderness with us, Mary, Mother of God. Let us cling to Our Lady. As we find ourselves before Jesus, within His Eucharistic presence, during our sufferings and struggles of this life, we will find peace as we place all of our trust in Him. As Jesus said on the cross, “John take Mary as your mother…” He is speaking also to us!

Let us place our prayers, our sufferings and our struggles in Our Lady’s maternal care, as we pray:

O’ Mary Conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee and for those who do not have recourse to thee, especially the enemies of the Church.

Narrative: Our Lady of Tenderness icon is in the tradition of the Mother of God Eleusa icons. The Greek word eleusa means “compassionate one” implying intimacy, gentleness and grace. The Eleusa image is characterized by the expression of tenderness. The Mother of God is in a caress with the Child. Their cheeks are touching, connecting them to each other, while the gesture of the hands connotes universality. The Virgin offers the Son to man, while the Son offers the Virgin. Mutuality of intention is the emphasis of this particular rendition. The angels hold scrolls musically notated for voice echoing “King of Glory” and “Lord of Hosts.”

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