“Response to: Rick Santorum, Meet My Son”

Stand True Pro-life Outreach

March 5, 2012

Response to: Rick Santorum, Meet My Son (I would have aborted him had I known better)

In a recent article on Slate.com a mom talks write to Sen Santorum about how if she knew better about his condition, she would have aborted her son. I ask a nurse friend and advisor to write a response, here it is as she submitted it to us: 

Bryan Kemper, The Youth Outreach Director of Priests for Life asked me to write a response to a mom who expressed a wish that she had known her son had a severe disease prenatally so that she could have an abortion and how that interfaces with Rick Santorum’s argument that prenatal testing be lessened as much/most of it resulted in abortions. I am a nurse who works with families who learn prenatally that their children are very sick and will most likely die at birth.  As I need my job, please indulge me in the disclaimer that in this piece, I speak only my opinion and not that of any employer or colleague.   Continue reading here