Catholic Adoption Support Blogs:

All You Who Hope

Banana, Bear & Bophie

Extraordinary Moms Network

Forever, for Always, No Matter What…

Grace In My Heart

Adoption Blogs:  (These came from my friend jen, thanks Jen!)

Adoption blogs are a great way to get first hand information about the particular adoption path you would like to follow.  Grace in My Heart has a great list of Catholic Adoption blogs.  I would recommend taking some time to peruse the list.  Here are a few other adoption blogs that I enjoy reading:

Work in Progress , my sister 😉 recently adopted a little boy from Armenia with Down Syndrome

MommyLife she is Catholic too.  She is Mom of a large family including several boys with Down Syndrome.

Wherever He Leads Us two daughters from China, one from the Caribbean

A Bushel and A Peck lots of good information regarding attachment

Korean Adoption Blog Roll

Russian Adoption Blog Roll



3 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. We have NO comments on Embryo Adoptions, we are waiting on the Church, please contact your BISHOP if you need guidance at this time.

    God bless you and keep you!
    Your Hannah’s Tears Intercessors


  2. Please pray for my wife and I. We are blessed with a daughter and have been trying for nearly 6 years but are dealing with infertility. We began the domestic adoption process 10 months ago and are waiting for our miracle. Please pray that our adoption journey will lead us bringing a new child into our family and for my wife who feels guilt for her infertility. God bless. Holy Mother of God Pray for us.


  3. Please pray for my husband and myself. We have been married 13 years and have been in the adoption processes for close to 5 years now. We have had two failed matches. We know that those babies must not have been the ones God has picked for us. The wait is getting harder and harder. We know that God would not have put this desire in our hearts if we were not meant to be parents. One of our concerns is we are now getting up in age and feel like we are running out of time. Please pray our miracle comes soon.


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