Happy Feast Day, Saints Hannah and Juan Diego, Intercessors for Life

December 9th

Saint Hannah and Blessed Juan Diego are remembered in our hearts today as they both suffered with fertility problems within their marriages. Hannah begged God at the foot of the altar for a child and Juan Diego and his wife would be called in another way to bear fruit. To each soul God has a different plan.

May each of us accept God’s holy will for our lives today and give thanks.

St. Hannah bringing Samuel into the temple

The Holy Prophetess Hannah dwelt in marriage with Elkanah, but she was childless. Elkanah took to himself another wife, Phennena, who bore him children. Hannah grieved strongly over her misfortune, and every day she prayed for an end to her barrenness, vowing to dedicate her child to God.

She went to the Temple and prayed fervently, but the priest Heli thought that she was drunk and began to reproach her. But Hannah poured out her grief, and after she received a blessing, she returned home. After this, Hannah conceived and gave birth to a son, whom she named Samuel (which means “Asked from God”).

When the child reached the age of boyhood, his mother presented him to the priest Heli, and Samuel remained with him to serve before the Tabernacle (1 Kings/1 Samuel 2: 1-21).
By permission of

Bl. Juan Diego

Prayer to Blessed Juan Diego

Blessed Juan, you faced the skepticism and rejection of a

bishop and the crowds to bring Mary’s message to Mexico.

Pray for us that when we are faced with obstacles to

our faith we may show that same courage and commitment.


3 thoughts on “Happy Feast Day, Saints Hannah and Juan Diego, Intercessors for Life

  1. I did not know Blessed Juan Diego was Blessed vs. St. or that he and his wife, had no children, as my husband and I have no children, this information gives me a knew affection for Blessed Juan Diego. I have painted Our Lady of Guadalupe, my Mother, on our home entry wall, today I have decided to paint the picture you have of him on your web sight under Our Ladys’and to petition him for intercession and spiritual fellowship offten. This information also gives me comfort as I try to be a little active for pro life issues, knowing that our Pattern of the unborn had chosen with Her Son, a regular and childless married person to save so many lives for his time. Thank you Veronica Q.


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